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Here follows TWO aspects of the analysis of the Book of NUMBERS.

1 – Cheops Covenant Codes

In Memory of and Dedicated to Professor Kris Thijs ©


With much appreciation to                                                                                                              © Jennifer Maes of Guedo Maes Millennium Productions, COPYRIGHT OWNERS, for permission to place on my website, in English, information contained in prof. Thijs’ tenth book, and to retired teacher Hugo Kennes, informing me about this precious work, he was translating into English.

What follows is based on Hugo’s translations.

Professor Kris Thijs, who taught engineering at the University of Diepenbeek (Belgium) and studied medicine and philosophy, wrote 10 little-known books in Dutch, from 1987 to 1999.

His tenth book, “was printed in 1999, the year in which he died.

Its 350 pages concerns the Bible Geometric Encodings, astronomy-astrology, pyramidal cosmology, and establishes correspondences between the Ark of Covenant to the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

By analysis of the numeric information contained in the book of Numbers in the Bible, professor Thijs links ancient and modern scientific knowledge.

He establishes that the values of “pi”, “phi”, “e”, “Fiegenbaum number”, “Planck constant”, concepts such as “bifurcation”, development of energy fields in the cosmos and much more were known thousands of years ago.

TOPICS in this first part:
1- The 4 Camps around the Tabernacle (1).
2- Phi & Pi in the Egyptian Great Pyramid
3- Translation of Pyramid to Circle & Pentagram to Trapezium.
4- Information about Phi.
5- Significance of Total Guards of the Tabernacle, East Guards, Rhythm 6 & 1864, S, W, N Guards. 6- The 12 Sub-Tribes
7- The Four Camps (2)                                                                                                                            8- Biblical Book of Revelation.

The Number of Guards around the TABERNACLE or ARK of the COVENANT Moses’ Tabernacle was always set up at the centre of the camp of Israel.

The 12 tribes of Israel plus Moses and the Levites (of Levi) make a total of 13 tribes.

The Four Camps

Moses’ Tabernacle was always set up at the centre of the camp of Israel. The 12 tribes of Israel plus

Moses and the Levites (of Levi) make a total of 13 tribes.
The organisation of the four camps, and the number of persons (guards) in each, can be found in

Numbers chapters 1 vs 20-46 & 2 vs3-32 in the Bible:

The camp set up, during the second year after the Israelites had fled Egypt was :

Judah 74600                     Issachah 54400        Zebulun 57400.         Total 186400.       Reuben 46500                 Simeon 59300           Gad 45650.                  Total 151450.                     Ephraim 40500               Manneseh 32200     Benjamin 35400.        Total 108100.                         Dan 62700                        Asher 41500              Naphtali 53400.         Total 157600.                                

Making a grand total of 603550 persons (guards).

It will be shown that the distribution, of the guards at the four points of the compass, demonstrates a trapezium relationship, which correspond exactly with a pyramidal model of cosmological evolution.

The construction of the Egyptian Great pyramid, Cheops, is based on phi, the golden number 1.618, as shown in the diagram.


The ratio of height / base length is 1 / (2xBC) or 1 / 1.5723.

When these dimensions are used in an expansion shown below, which involves evolution of trapeziums, a special multiplier reveals itself, and the value of pi, 3.14159, manifests at the fourth stage as the length of the long diagonal.

The trapezium is a consequence of the development model of the exterior triangle of the pyramid:


 When these dimensions are used in an expansion shown below, which involves evolution of trapeziums, a special multiplier reveals itself, and the value of pi, 3.14159, manifests at the fourth stage as the length of the long diagonal. The multiplier is 1.38196601.

A trapezium is any four-sided shapes like BCED & DEFG above.
The length of any subsequent line can be calculated from a known immediate previous one. For

example DE will be equal to 1.38196601 x DC (1/j).
The line multiplier 1.38196601 equates to (square root 5) / j or square root (6 / p). (1/square root 1.38196601) or (p/6) equals 0.5236, known as “1el” ].

This model translates pyramids (of Cheops proportions) into equivalent circles, trapeziums and pentagrams:kt2

The base of the pyramid translates appropriately into circle, trapezium, and pentagram as shown. The proportions in such trapeziums are shown below.

Concerning Phi, symbol j the Golden Number (or Mean) or Divine

Proportion, numerically 1.618.
The ancient Rhind papyrus refers to a “sacred ratio” used in the Cheops pyramid, where the height

of its face to (divided by) one half its base is almost exactly 1.618 (known as phi or j).

The value of phi can be obtained from the Fibonacci Series 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89…….., when the next member of the series can be found by adding together the previous two numbers. So 144 (89

+ 55) will be next after 89, and so on. And 144/89 = 1.6179775.

The value 1.618 is arrived at, when the calculation is done with two consecutive further along the series.

Phi also reveals itself in the spiral, based on the Fibonacci Series:
Each number is drawn as a square, starting with 1 & 1, then 2, to construct the diagram shown below.ktPhiSpira.jpg

The radius of each quarter turn of the spiral is the same as the length of the side of the square.

Phi is also contained in the pentagram: the lengths of AB divided by BC and AC divided by AB both equal 1.618

Entire numbers and circles are symbolic representations (or manifestations) of nature. The “static” form is perceived by our sense organs, when we register only the outside of the phenomena, perceiving from processes the “pull” and unable to see the nuclei.

Processes in fast evolution, the high and non-visual vibrations, are excluded from our senses.

Our definitions of reality are therefore static equivalents of a tremendous vibrating totality.

By analogy, entire numbers and circular processes are static equivalents of a dynamic cohesion. For this reason all whole numbers may be written as functions of Phi (Ø:

1 = Ø(Ø – 1)

2 = Ø+ (Ø- 1)(Ø – 1)                                                                                                                                3 = ز + (1/Ø)²

“Entire” numbers and “rhythms” are consequences of a dynamic development model.

By analogy the external form of a pyramid symbolizes the static registration of reality.

In fact a pyramid represents an unlimited-infinite series of spirae mirabilis or growing spirals.

Repetitions (multiplications, squares or divisions) of its specific proportions (planetary relations and characteristics) result in entire numbers and circles characterizing the rhythms of higher and lower domains.

Later we shall see that “Saturn” (a consequence of the “primogenitor split” of Phi) represents absolutely a model for the creation of our planet system from a higher energy system.

The numbers of the guards are divided by 1000, to simplify them. This operation does not change the correspondence, because the pyramid is a symbol for universal relationships and not precise values.

So we have to consider the total Army value as 603.55 distributed to the East (186.4), South (151.45), West (108.1) and North (157.6).

The cycle time of the Sun around the centre of our galaxy is 220 million (or pi x 7 x 107) years, normally an unknown notion at the time of Moses.

Now 603.55 x 603.55 x 603.55 equals 220 million, or the cube root of 220 million is 603.55 .

We can see an immediate relation with the total number of guards (603.55) and the cube root of the sun cycle.

At this point the term “Planet Characteristic” can be introduced as “the cube root of the orbital period of a planet about the Sun” and denoted by Kplanet (or just K), where K = cube root( planet’s sidereal cycle time, in years, about the Sun).
KPlanets : Mercury = 0.6221725, Venus = 0.8504891, Earth = 1, Mars = 1.2343776, Jupiter = 2.2809721, Saturn = 3.0884886, Uranus = 4.380798, Neptune = 5.4827976, Pluto = 6.2872412.

The sum of Planet Characteristics = 25.2273377



The circumference of the circle with radius “sum of planets characteristics 25.235”, as the height of the pyramid shown below, is given by 2 x p x 25.235 or 158.55618.




Hello world!

’Divine/Sacred Numbers’ sets out to show that there exists a numerical structure to the Solar System, involving simple numbers, which correspond with linear measurement in British Imperial miles. The ‘solar factor’ 72 or 720 miles is the key, which converts our perceived measurements into what are possibly the values of the Creator’s Mind.

The invisible spectrum in sun light, one of the principal components of our environment, can be regarded as combinations of 1, the invisible light spectrum or white light, 3 (the primary rays red, green,blue, ), 4 (the secondary ones yellow, orange, indigo, violet), 7 (the total sometimes referred to as the 7 colours of the rainbow).

Just as blue can convey colour, cold, sad, the numbers 13, 137 and 347 will have some interpretation.

Numbers convey meaning like words. The Greek mathematician and philosopher stated “all things are numbers”. Numbers helped the author to an understanding of both physical and spiritual existence.

The author

Michael is a science graduate of London University, and was a senior high school chemistry teacher in Essex, UK, before he retired some years ago.

An unfamiliar experience during 1992 turned him from a convinced atheist into a believer in God, or the Universal Cosmic Intelligence. Not only that, he became certain that God is a mathematician, and that numbers held the key to understanding the universe.

It was this event that initiated his “journey” into unfamiliar territory. He discovered that each atom, planet, sun/star and distances can be expressed as simple numbers, which can easily be converted to their sizes perceived by measurement.

His number for the Earth is 11, and fascinatingly, Earth has a frequency just over 11 Hertz according to NASA, (though in 2016, this seems to be increasing to 16) whilst according to many eminent physicists there are 11 dimensions. 

The visible light spectrum, which enables us to discern objects, also has its special number(s), very much like several different words have the same meaning.

Units of length used

British Imperial:

1 mile = 5280 feet (ft) = 63360 inches (“)

1 foot = 12 inches.


1 metre (m) = 100 centimetres (cm)

2.54 cm = 1 inch

1 nanometre = 0.000 000 000 1 metre or 10-9 nm

Chapter 1

Introduction to Divine Numbers

Divine or Sacred numbers convey information, like words.

Numbers, like words, can be used as language, except numbers are a special kind of language – a precise language that loses nothing in translation.

Once the numbers of the cosmos are known.

Universal knowledge can be acquired.

It seems our Creator used numbers to define objects in linear space and time. For example: moon as a space object is 3 and 15 (or s-3 and t-15);

the Earth is 11 and 55;

the distance between Earth and moon is 347;

Mars is 58 & 29;

the covalent hydrogen atom is 331;

atomic hydrogen is 1074

Each is an example of  a divine (sacred) number.

Fadic value (or mod9)

Numbers greater than 11 can be reduced, by addition of its component digits, until a single integer remains, called a fadic number.

The fadic value of Earth 11 is 2, the result of 1 plus 1.

Earth – moon distance 347 is 5; (3+4+7 = 14, then 1+4 = 5)


The remainder left when any number is divided by 9 is called its mod 9 number. Thus 11 divided by 9 equals 1 remainder 2 or 2 mod9.

The question is “how do we convert these numbers into the “size/length/distance” as perceived by the human consciousness?

This is achieved by the “SOLAR SCALAR(factor)”, a the length of 720 miles (British Imperial), used as a multiplier or divisor on divine numbers.

In the macrocosm, the object’s divine number is multiplied by 720 miles. So the Earth, 11, will have a length (diameter) of 11 multiplied by the solar scalar 720 miles. The result is 7920 miles.

In the microcosm, the scalar is 720 used as a DIVISOR in conjunction with 1013  (13, the divine distance between the sun and Earth). 

The divine number of the hydrogen atom is 1074. Its diameter will be 1074 divided by 720 divided by 1013, which evaluates to 1.4916×10-13 mile or 0.24 nm (chemistry data 0.24)

The covalent hydrogen atom will be 331 divided by 720 divided by 1013, which evaluates to 0.0459722×10-13 mile. 

In metric this is 0.074 nm ( correlating with chemistry data ).

Chapter 2

Solar Factor 720 (72) and its Whereabouts

The solar factor, as 72 degrees is present in the hydrogen molecule and the pentagram; the Sun drops back against the the zodiac one degree in 72 years  (the cosmic drift of the stars known as precession) and it is contained in the solar system as 720 miles, the diameter of Charon, the moon which orbits our outermost planet, Pluto, which remarkably has a diameter approximating closely to 1440 ( twice 720 ). It can also be found in the geometry of two 3, 4, 5 Pythagorean triangles drawn inside a 5, 12 13 one.

Circa-500 BC, the Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, “found” the connection between the lengths of sides in triangles which contained a right angle (90 degrees), a 3, 4, 5 one being the first of an infinite series. 

The ancient Maya included the number 7200 in their “long count” of days, because they were concerned about events ages ahead in the future. Recall that he number 720 miles can be used to convert objects of the Creation into simple number concepts or divine numbers. 

Our Creator has also imprinted the value of 72(0) in the heavens. I believe a friend of the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, is recorded as stating that “the universe is a book of knowledge” which indeed it is.

pastedGraphic.png Consider the geometry of Earth & Moon depicted in the diagram:

In the triangle above the moon:

a = (2 x 3960 – 2 x 1080)/2 = 2880 or 720 x 4

b = 2 x 1080 = 2160 or 720 x 3

c = square root ( 2882 + 2162 ) = 3600 or 720 x 5

The length of side c was calculated by applying Pythagoras’ theorem: 

c2 = a2 + b2.

Thus here the Solar factor, 720 and 

the 3, 4, 5 triangle made famous by Pythagoras, have been revealed.


The digits, 7 & 2, constituting the solar factor can also be calculated from a diagram consisting of two Pythagorean 3, 4, 5 triangles enclosed in a 5, 12, 13 one, as shown alongside:

If the discerned diameter of our Moon, 2160 miles, is divided by 720 miles, the answer is 3. 

So the Moon can be referred to as an object whose “divine” or “space” number is 3, or an object of our perception, whose diameter is 3 x 720 (2160) miles.

When the diameter of the Sun of 864000 miles is converted using the solar factor 720, the number 1200 is obtained or 12, ignoring the zeros. Now 1+2 equals 3. Thus the Sun can have the values 12 or 3 assigned to it.

Sun and Moon can be considered as a ‘big’ and ‘little’ 3.

It is possible that Pythagoras taught his students 2500 years ago that our Sun and Moon were the numbers 12 (3) and 3, and I wonder if he was given this knowledge, and much more, in the same way as I was – by “Cosmic” contact.

Perhaps readers would like to work out the space values for the distance between the Sun and Earth of 93,600 000 miles, and Moon and Earth of 249,840 miles using the factor 720 demonstrated above, to see if they arrive at the answers 13 and 347

Other 72 signatures 

72 degrees in the hydrogen molecule

In the diagram, C is the centre of the circle on the left.


72 – degrees longitudinal dispersal of weather. 

  72 degrees in the pentagram 


The 17-century Mirror of the Mystical Kaballah contains number 72, the number of angels. 

72 – the number of strands in a Zoroastrian ( Zarathustra religion )girdle.

“Lord God” is 72 in Hebrew gematria, the same value also for “secret”. ‘Lord God’  Hebrew font face = Moriah> idl`dfdi, adds to 72 in Hebrew

72 degrees quintile


This rare planetary pattern divides the sky into exactly equal sectors of 72 degrees ( each angle at the centre of tTherhe diagram is 72 degrees ) 

Johann Kepler, 1572-1630, said, ” the quintile represented the zodiac’s fifth harmonic and revealed hidden spiritual secrets about the cosmic order. ” 

72 – solar factor.

There are other numerous examples of 72 to be found on the internet

Comparison of solar factor (72) in British Imperial Units and Metric

1mile = 63360 inches = 63360 x 2.54 centimetres.

72 miles = 115872.768 metres.

115872 would derive from 71.9995 miles.

It is remarkable that a metric solar factor comprises Three divine numbers:

11- Earth, 58- Mars, 72- solar factor.

This implies that Earth and Mars are significantly connected, which will follow later in one of the chapters.

Louisa’s channelled writing/drawing

With no internet in the early 90s, “desperately seeking” me met Louisa during 1995, who showed me hundreds of pages of her “channelled writing” stored in carrier bags. 

I was flabbergasted flicking through the pages of one of her bundles, when I noticed the particular pages posted below containing meaningful information. Those numbers!


Particularly evident in the above are 3, 72, 17, 72 linked to 27

Below, strings of 2s are visible as seen in my Cosmic Journey of 1992.


Louisa taught me how to channel. My first picture introduced me to the ancient Maya, a culture completely unknown to me at that time, and later investigated.